Welcome to Angry Birds Answers. What would you like to know?

When editing at Angry Birds Answers, please remember to follow the rules below. Keep the wiki attitude positive, so that everyone will have a good time editing.

  • As mentioned above, please keep a positive attitude. If you are feeling frustrated, or angry, please do not vent out or take out anger on others. If needed, take a break to cool down.
  • When correcting others or giving them warnings, please do so in a respectful manner.
    • Likewise, please do not get angry or say anything offensive to the user correcting or warning you.
    • If you disagree with another user's statement, please start a discussion in a formal matter.
  • When requesting something to be done, please do not demand it from an admin or another user.
  • Do not post any inappropriate language. No spamming, vandalising, or trolling.

Frequent violations of these rules will result in a 3-day ban. Consistent actions will result in longer bans.

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