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Asking a Question

  • Please do not post questions that only Rovio would know. Example: Why is the Red Bird red? It is Rovio's decision to make things the way they are.
  • Please be specific when asking about media that share the same name. Example: Bad Piggies can mean the antagonists, an episode of Angry Birds, or the game.
  • Please ask questions only. Other sentences that are difficult to interpret will be deleted.
  • Only ask a question you do not know the answer to. In other words, do not answer your own question.
  • Do not host a poll or ask for other users' opinions.

Answering a Question

  • Only answer a question if you absolutely know the answer. Do not edit any question pages if you do not know the answer.
  • When a question asks about upcoming media, do not speculate. If you have an answer, reference it with a reliable source.
  • This is not a fanon site. Do not post false information.
  • If a question is ambiguous, redirect it to its proper Redirect Page. If the question does not fit any current redirect page, create one, or request that one is created.
  • If an answer is debatable, discuss it on the page's respective talk page.
  • Please only use third person.


  • No spamming, or trolling.
  • Do not insult other users
  • Do not use chat to exert anger or agitation. Keep a positive attitude.
  • Do not use any inappropriate language.

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