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The staff at Angry Birds Answers are trusted users with advanced privileges who help around at the wiki. These users can either be rollbacks, chat moderators, or even both.

Active staff members will have a green username

Angry Birds Answers Staff

Username Signature User Groups Admission Date Status
Lightening McQueen Lightening McQueen (talk) Rollback March 15, 2013 Inactive
User:Boarba Fett Sincerely, the one and only Boarba Fett. Rollback December 3, 2013 Active


Anyone on the site can undo undesirable edits. One must typically click the "undo" function on a page's history page in order to do so. However, in the case of consecutive undesirable edits, this can be time-consuming. Rollbacks are able to "roll-back" any amount of consecutive edits with only one click.

Chat moderators

When using the wiki's chat, sometimes there are spammers, trolls, and the like harassing other users. In the case of a spammer or troll appearing on chat, and he/she commits an offense, chat moderators can "kick", or force a that user out of chat. However, this will not permanently remove an offending user from entering chat. When that said user consistently comes back on chat to harass other users, the chat moderator can ban the user from chat for a set amount of time.

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