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In Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure, there is the Intel Small Pig, Intel Medium Pig, Intel Large Pig, Intel Helmet Pig, Intel Moustache Pig and Intel King Pig. In the King Pig Golden Egg level, there are different pigs that take the birds' roles:

  • Minion Pig: Does nothing but makes a battle cry: "Nyaaaaah!" (Takes the role for Red, the Red Bird)
  • Small Pigs: Splits into three (Takes the role for the Blue Bird Trio: Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim; AKA: The Blues)
  • Jetpack Pig/Pilot Pig: Speeds up (Takes the Role for Chuck, the Yellow Bird)
  • Helmet Pig: Explodes (Takes the role for Bomb, the Black Bird)
  • Bowling Ball Pig: Drops an exploding bowling ball (Takes the role for Matilda, the White Bird)
  • Beaked Pig: Boomerangs back (Takes the role for Al, the Boomerang Bird)
  • Fat Pig: does nothing but make the same pitched battle cry as the Normal Pig, but has stronger strength to destroy most obstacles, even stone (Takes the role for Terence, the Big Brother Bird)
  • Balloon Pig: Inflates (Takes the role for Bubbles, the Orange Bird)
  • Female Pig: Produces bubbles to lift eggs and obstacles (Takes the role for Stella, the Pink Bird)

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